Legal proof for your copyrightable or patentable works (photo, video, audio, document).


You may have legal proof for
the countries that regulate
blockchain protocols.

European Union

The timestamped document in
accordance with eIDAS (910/2014 ),
is legally admissible to the EU courts.


Your subject matter works are recognized by 173 countries that have signed the Berne Convention.
However, can you prove the right ownership with rapid and affordable costs in case of possible violations?

With local legal evidence; prove work ownership

With local legal evidence; accelerated legal processes

With local legal evidence; reduced consulting costs

With local legal evidence; deterrence on local infringers


Patent Applications

Before or during the patent application; you may have changed, added, or shared
content. How can you trust the consultant or friend etc. involved in these processes?

Patent subject studies are also subject to copyrights, you can prove before sharing

Patent take an average of 1 year, Copyright proof 10-60 seconds

The average cost of the patent is $1k to $5k . Copyright proof cost is free or start from $1

You can have legal proofs without filling out a form, issuing a power of attorney or showing an ID


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