A unique ID-Link

Proofstack creates a Proof.Link (Unique ID) for each file you processed to you get your proof.
This link helps to secure, share and manage your proofs.

Proof.Link vs Copyright Symbol © ?

Proofstack shortens processes after detection of violation in terms of cost and time. The main objective is to develop a system where the number of occurrences of violations is very low and where sharing and deterrence can occur simultaneously.

By Using Proof.Link/1234abcd with the Copyright Symbol ©, you can share your proof information with potential infringers and generate effective deterrence.


Proof.Link vs Certificate?

Many blockchain startups or timestamp authorities give certificates to their users for the files they have timestamped. These certificates can only be based on the claim of ownership but strictly do not guarantee ownership. In the case of copyrights, you may continue to retain your legal status even with a paper until proven otherwise.

Proofstack, with global and local proof options, provide the most effective evidence to its users. It then produces Proof.Link, which is far superior to the certificates, and leaves it to the management of its users.


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