Private Proof

What is it?

This is a timestamped file that is only generated to meet your needs.
Using a Private Proof service eliminates the need for lawyers, notaries who would have undertaken the task of creating your proof. This will also save the costs of legal fees that would have been incurred when you submit your proof to the courts.

How it works?

1. Select the location of a file
2. Select timestamp options
3. Select the location to store the proof

Ownership Signature (Zip File)

Proofstack reduces the size of your data and your Ownership Signature on the Zip File; this process is done without opening the data file to create a private link. You work is copy written by time stamping it via your chosen blockchain and specified timestamp options. The timestamp is your source of evidence that shows the time your work was processed. This evidence will also protect your property against third party claims of proprietorship of your timestamped intellectual property. In the event of a dispute, the final authority will be given to the party that has the information related to the timestamped document which has been created in any of the following file formats as a document, photograph, audio file, video files, etc. Third parties may also lay claim to your timestamped documents that may have been retrieved from your computer except you have proof of ownership. The protection of time stamped documents lays in the identification information which points out the real owner. With your identity prominently endorsed on your timestamped documents, it will be difficult for third parties to claim them illegally. Proofstack is the tool that creates your legal evidence that protects your work from plagiarism; this is done by attaching the details of your identification to your timestamped documents.