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Frequently Ask Questions

How do I get an Enterprise Plan?

You can have an Enterprise Plan through our partners or by contacting Proofstack directly. You will be contacted upon completing the Request Form above.

How do I buy additional credits?

You cannot buy additional credits after the credits in your Free Trial account are finished. Only the Admin and Sub-users of the Enterprise Plan have the right to buy additional credits.

Is Proofstack a Notary or an Authority?

None. Proofstack is the first and only company in the world that can help you obtain legal proofs through iOS, Android and Web apps using qualified authorities and blockchain protocols together in its platform.

Why Varied Blockchain Protocols?

Blockchain protocols; they have different characteristics and variations in scalability, workflows, speed, cost, and legal recognition. It is aimed to provide stability of Proofstack platform with alternative protocols.

Is it legal in the European Union?

In accordance with the 910/2014 eIDAS Act, which came into force in 2016, one (1) digital file stamped by the EU authority is your legal evidence valid in 28 EU members. See the “Verifications” page for information on the EU Qualified Authorities.

Is it legal in the world?

In any country of the world, you can try to use evidence that is recognized in 28 EU members or use the evidence generated by the blockchain protocols if defined in the legislation of the country.