Video Proof App
for Violation Detections

There may be violations of your tangible or incorporeal rights. By detecting the infringer, you can create your proof instantly before the infringer removes the content from the internet.

Trademark, Patent, Copyright

Detecting the infringement
for your IP rights

Fake News

Detecting illegal contents
related to your rights

Social Media

Detecting inappropriate
social media sharings

All-In-One with
Tespiter Application

Youtube live stream


Video Recording

Qualified Authority, Blockchain Protocols

Backup for Admin and Sub-users

All within 10-90 seconds

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YouTube Live Stream

With the timestamp, you can prove which date the video was produced before. With YouTube live broadcast you can prove which date the video was not produced before.

7/24 - European Union

Your digital file timestamped in accordance with 910/2014 eIDAS Act is your valid legal evidence in 28 EU countries.

7/24 - World

In any country of the world, you can try to use the evidence generated by the blockchain protocols, if defined in the legislation of the country.

Legal Strategies

With increased speed and reduced cost benefits, you can implement a strategy of producing proofs for each violation and increase your deterrence on infringers.

Admin and Sub-users

You can tackle against infringements and abuses in the web and social media with sub-users you created.

Admin and Backup

Proofs you created is rapidly backed up to both the sub-user email and your Admin account (FTP, sFTP, Google Drive).

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Add Coordinates + Proof.Link
To Your Image/Video

On security, logistic, insurance, real estate, vehicle
etc. subject matters, you may have evidence that has
been proven in accordance with local laws after
adding (watermark) geolocation coordinates to your
image or videos.