What we do

Proofstack has been designed as a safe and reliable platform through which legal evidence can be accessed and generated at any time. It allows users to verify and manage these materials in accordance with the legal guidelines and regulations of various countries and the statutes of the technology. Blockchain technology has been acknowledged in many countries as an outstanding enterprise that complies with what global evidence is and it the reliability of its processes when used by individuals, corporations, and countries.

The Blockchain technology sustains an easy access to both global and local proof developed for use in countries in line with the laws and regulations. This also applies to the Proofstack platform. The introduction of Proofstack marks the first kind of this technological innovation which provides a platform through which everyone can get different kinds of evidence that agree with the Qualified Authorities of the EU countries and the Blockchain technology.

Global - Local

Before the introduction of this technology, it was very cumbersome to undertake processes that will convince international and local courts to admit evidence as legal and valid proofs during a case. Participants in related fields stood the risk of tough legal battles, prolonged duration of proceedings and the amicable resolution of international disputes. Proofstack was designed to alleviate these challenges; it provides a platform through which global and local evidence could be accessed simultaneously. It is a method of strategically producing all kinds of legal evidence accepted as valid in different countries rather than taking the risk of presenting evidence generated in one country in a different country which might be rejected.


In the case of companies or individuals who infringe copyrights in other countries, it will be much easier to prove your legal claims even in cases where there are different laws and the spoken language is foreign. This makes it even more difficult to infringe copyrights anywhere in the world. By using this platform, you will be saving huge costs and time while enjoying a remarkable measure of deterrence when it comes to securing your intellectual property. The aim of anyone who generates valuable material that should be copywritten against theft or illegal use is to deter infringers rather than pursuing a cumbersome legal action when the deed has been done.


Blockchain represents a new technology that supports laws and regulations as well as official operations globally. For this reason, the huge number of employees in corporations avoids transactions that are based on Blockchain technology because the technology is rapidly evolving to encompass more security features. Proofstack provides a balanced medium for different aspects of legality, price stability, and scalability. Its services are available on the existing platform and the latest features currently under development.