Brand Guidelines

Proofstack Brand Guidelines

We've created these guidelines to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content and trademarks without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use. To make any use of our marks in a way not covered by these guidelines, please contact us at Please include a visual mockup of intended use.


The Proofstack marks include the Proofstack name and logo, and any word, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Proofstack’s products. Please don't modify the marks or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Proofstack, or in a way that confuses Proofstack with another brand (including your own).

Proofstack Logo

Proofstack logo available in .AI and .PNG for light and dark backgrounds.

Proofstack Proofstack


Proofstack Symbol

Proofstack Symbol available in .AI and .PNG for light and dark backgrounds.






  • Keep enough space around Proofstack brand assets so they appear clean and uncluttered.
  • Use either the Proofstack logo with a clear call to action to show that your product is compatible with Proofstack (ex: “for use with Proofstack”).
  • Where color is limited, use the single-color logos in any color.
  • Follow other Proofstack Terms.

Please do not...

  • Use the Proofstack brand in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement.
  • Use trademarks, names, domain names, usernames, logos or other content that imitates or could be confused with Proofstack.
  • Copy the Proofstack design.
  • Assert rights over the Proofstack trademarks whether by trademark registration, domain name registration, username or another method.
  • Feature Proofstack on materials associated with pornogrpahy, illegal activities, or other materials that violate the Proofstack Terms.
  • Modify Proofstack brand assets in any way, such as by changing the design or color of the multi-color logos.



  • Name your product something that is unique and original to you.
  • Use the convention “[Your App Name] for Proofstack” to indicate that your product is integrated with Proofstack.
  • Design an original app icon that represents your brand.

Please do not

  • Use “Proofstack” in your app or product name, or domain name.
  • Use the Proofstack logo or the Proofstack name in your brand identity, such as your app icon, logo or product design.
  • Use the convention of starting your app name with “Proofstack” (ex: “Proofstack [Your App Name]”).