About Us

Proofstack, which can be positioned as the world's online notary; helps you to obtain effective/legal evidences through Qualified Authorities (Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Turkey) and Blockchain Protocols (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, NEO, Stellar).

Laws and regulations may vary from country to country or from time to time. In this case, single evidence may not meet your needs. Proofstack provides many advantages with its effective and legal proofs. Some of them; covering global and local laws, low cost, full privacy, usage time, verification, technology, security, copy options, storage, sharing, deterrence, etc. In this way, it aims to meet your needs for the relevant country and date.

Proofstack (Formerly Copyrobo) has been selected by Techcrunch as one of the most promising three blockchain startups. It is the first and only platform in the world where you can obtain effective/legal evidence through both Qualified Authorities and Blockchain Protocols via Android, iOS and Web applications.


To create a platform where anyone in any part of the world can prove his/her work, fast and cheap/free of charge without the need for identification, and to obtain valid legal evidence even after today or years.

Global and Local legal proofs

Alternative proofs based on a single platform, instead of a single proof

Through mobile and web applications, within seconds

Confidentiality friendly Non-identity solutions

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